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I want everyone to know, because I'm sure you're wondering, that there is a reason why that god-awful film Titanic hasn't been reviewed here. Well, here you go: I've made a conscious effort NOT to see this movie. Everyone's watching it! I have seen so many good movies, and I say "why does that studio need any more money?". I can't give an answer, so I'm not going to see it. That's all. Actually, there is one more thing: I sincerely dislike Leonardo DiCaprio, probably for the sheer reason that everyone else likes him. Anyway, I gladly welcome all your comments about this topic and others, so please, don't hesitate to e-mail!

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Oh, Jim Carrey, you have done it! He wanted to shed the slapshtick persona that Hollywood had made for him, and he has succeeded. I believe that you can thank Peter Weir for that, in a big way. I mean, a person can expect great things from the director of Dead Poets Society. Watching this movie, it isn't too hard to imagine Truman's world as your reality. When the satellite falls down on the street, one can really picture him/herself totally confused with the Unidentified Falling Object. I loved the moment when Truman is just happily floating in his boat, when all of a sudden, he hits the edge of the dome. And for those of you who have seen the film, I ask you, "wouldn't it be soooo scary to have all these people with flashlights in the middle of the night, with arms linked, calling your name sadistically? "Truuuuman. Truuuuuman..." Whew! Freaks me out every time. Another thing I really liked was that the movie never strayed from being about Truman and the show. It never switched to what the other characters on the show were thinking, and that helped to create the distance between Truman and them. The only inconsistency that I could think of was this: In the thirty years that The Truman Show has been on the air, how come no other show like it has popped up? I guess it's because no one besides Christof had the money or space. But still, for The Truman Show to have the monopoly in this kind of program is kind of a false thought. My last two words on this film? Wonderfully imaginative.

This movie was moderately good, if you want to see Warren Beatty acting extremely goofy. Now, I don't know what this guy's schtick is, for I've never seen any other movie that he was in, but in this film, he is a total Funyun. To give you a taste of his character, let me share with you my brother's favorite line: "Hey guys, you looked beat/ so I brought you some ribs to eat." Ahem. This movie is supposed to be a political satire, which I guess it is, but there are so many flaws to the idea. For example, when Bulworth goes to the church and basically calls all the black people hicks, why do those 2 girls end up liking him and following him around? Call me crazy, but when someone insults me, I tend not to be overly friendly with them. And gratuitous scenes with Bulworth's campaign manager snorting cocaine are a little silly. Not really needed to drive the rising action. But it was cute when Bulworth asks the waitress not to spare his feelings, but do they have any more of those little crab puff things? However, that little clip is in the commercial. Therefore, here is what I say: if you want to get the majority of the humor of this movie, find a copy of the preview on the 'net and download it. You won't be missing much.









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