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Rants and Raves!!!!

Hey Everyone. I just *know* you want to hear all my thoughts on various matters, right? Well, I should warn you that I am quite a liberal, and these opinions might offend you. There, you've been warned. I love how the internet allows us to speak our minds to the world, don't you?

***Gay Rights***

To begin with, what's with the idea that people are born gay or straight? You might start having a feeling of it from the time that you are conscious of such things on, but nothing can predispose your sexual orientation. Uh oh. I'm going against the Christian Church's doctrine, aren't I? Oh well. Gay and lesbianism and straightness is everyone's right. If one person has the right to date the opposite sex, who decided that it was wrong for another person to date someone of his or her same gender? That's ridiculous! Besides, doesn't "God" teach understanding of all people? Why is racism frowned upon in this day and age, yet hate for homosexual people is overlooked? I came to understand recently that multiple large chain stores have discriminated against certain ethnic and sexual groups, and still do. A case was brought against one chain for discriminating against black people, and the plaintiff won. However, no charge could be brought against the chain with anti-gay actions because there was nothing illegal in it. What crap! Why are gay people not protected? And why can their relationships not be legally recognized in this country? Because of thick-headed conservatives. It's fine if a person wants to live one way, but it is inconceivable that that person should try to limit another! What is this world coming to? On the bright side, it is becoming more acceptable for people to come out as being gay or lesbian. I always feel so sad when I think of Tennessee Williams and Marylin Monroe.


Why should they not be legal? It again comes down to those conservative conservatives. They seem to feel that it is their duty to stop anyone from living their own lives. Well, face it, this is not Ancient Rome. People in 20th century US are entitled to their own opinions and decisions. This is a shorter topic to speak about because I feel I have said everything I need to already. Even if it is a minor who needs the abortion, she should still be able to do so, however I do believe that she should have to get parental permission. If the parent declines and also refuses to help support the baby, legal action should be the young girl's right. And those are the facts, IMHO.


Ug. No, I'm not going to complain about how school is so unfair and everyone is against me. But I would like everyone to know why American schoolchildren are doing so poorly on tests: It does have to do with the teachers! In my school at least, almost every one of the teachers coaches a sport or a club. My World History teacher (no names shall be mentioned ;) is a complete doof. I don't use that word often, but in this case it is quite appropriate. He coaches boy's baseball, and knows nothing about world history. He mispronounces words, yells at the students, snaps at kids who challenge his teaching (like me!), and just plain teaches badly. I'm sorry, but barking notes at the class and assigning millions of pages of bookwork does not a good teacher make. Maybe I'm having trouble expressing myself. Let me give you an example of a horrible act of WHTeacher: "He had overheard someone in another class of his say that he was dumb (yay!). In my class, he then asked us if we thought he was dumb. Oy vay! At the same time, he asked us if we thought he was intimidating." Aren't you apalled? *Of course* everyone reassured him of his intelligence! We were all intimidated by him! Heh heh. But really, what a stupid thing to ask. If you don't understand why, I'm not going to explain it to you. Anyway, this has become a rip-apart-WHTeacher session, so I'll stop. I just wanted to present you with an example of where US taxpayers money is going. Thank you.

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Okay, so that's your opinion-and-response session. Check back later for more opinions.

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